Our Story.

Flynance has been made with love by Farhan Khalid, Sharjeel Ahmad, Ijaz Ahmad, Zain Ul Eman and Mehwish Khalid.

The original concept was done by Farhan while he was living in Egypt. He though that sometimes all you need is a simple app to track your expenditures, anywhere and everywhere. His goal was to save money and keep a history of where he had spent his montly income.

He made the initial concept of Flynance and the very first iOS app. It had one project and you could save tasks in that project, organized by month. Later he decided to expand Flynance so that multiple people could work together on various kinds of projects. But it was not until 2013 when he started his company Takhleeq and got a team to start work on the Flynance app.

Kareem Hegab, of Cairo Design Office made the identity of the app.

Since 2013 we have been hard at work to give you a simple and useful product. We hope you enjoy our in-house product!